"If Jesus emptied out everything for us, what’s keeping us from emptying out everything for others?"


You guys need to watch this. You need to take this in. You need to watch this and be broken before Christ. It’s time for us to experience what is set before us. Fully.

One of the most moving videos I’ve seen in a really long time!


I keep seeing screencaps of a tidbit of this video…but man. You need to watch the whole thing.

The Great Commission

Great stress reliever video!

Be still

Change the world

Are you a Fan or Follower?

Men of God video

This is Discipleship

Story behind Heaven is a face by Steven Curtis Chapman



Incredibly touching and amazing. Wait for a love with Jesus at the very core and it will exceed your highest hopes and wildest dreams because He will be the solid foundation and flame that grows brighter with every day.

Song of Solomon 2:7 “I adjure you O daughters of Jerusalem, to not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

Everything about this was beautiful…HIS VOWS! My heart! “I don’t need you…I hope you see strength in that statement…I need Christ and Him alone..He is my sustenance, and my portion, my provider and my Father, my friend…but I CHOOSE you…because God loved me, I have a choice. And because He gave me His wisdom, I chose absolutely flawlessly…” I hope to one day marry a man of God who thinks like this!

This was one of the most beautiful wedding videos I’ve ever seen in my whole life!

Christian Comedian
Tim Hawkins



I know I messed up the words, I could care less. I just wrote this tonight, and I need a name for it. Help? And yes I totally forgot how tall my bed was and fell off of it at the end :P Laugh it off bro.

I seriously love your song! Great job, it’s now stuck in my head (: aha 

This girl is amazingly talented! <3 I loved it!


Maddie watch this one too.



Sexual Healing…